We Follow New Qaulity Standards

Eastex Recycling and Scrap Yard provides recycling services with excellence and professionalism. It works in the manner by first planning and then evaluating, equipment recommendation and purchasing, staff training, sorting, collection of materials, and much more... We deal in recycling the metal from both the commercial and the household sector.
Eastex Recycling and Scrap Yard has a professional team which adheres to standards and state laws. We provide full services which includes procurement of scrap, preparation at plant or yard facilities or, alternatively, set aside as is inventory management of finished goods and marketing and selling of the end product. We provide top notch facilities to recycle your metallic waste.

Residential Recyclers

Every household has metallic junk materials which have to be disposed or sent for recycling. Recycling is a better choice as it has its own benefits. We have been recycling residential recyclables; our customers submit their recyclables which are weight and then accordingly the payments are made on the spot. Hence this process is convenient for both customers and us.

Industrial container services

We pay our customers rates based on the current Fort Brand Recycling Scale pricing, this makes it beneficial for them. The onsite removal services which we provide to our clients are free and also makes recycling easy and hassle free. We at present offer two types of container services to our clients; the roll-off containers and the flatbed trucks.

The roll-off containers are available in different sizes to hold varying cubic yards of metallic scrap. You just have to make a call and order it, once it is filled the Eastex Recycling and Scrap Yard team will collect it.

In case there is a huge amount of metallic scrap, we have flatbed trucks. Our professional team will help you decide which service you need and can fulfill for your recycling needs. You can call us any day any time for free consultation services.

Customized Recycling Programs

Eastex Recycling and Scrap Yards have a customized Recycling Program which ensures that our performance is up to the mark. The customers can rely and trust on us for their scrap recycling services which maximizes their efficiency and scrap metal profits. It guarantees that whichever recycling container you want from scrap metal handling to a self-dumping hopper, or any combination of these reaches you correctly. Additional training of using these equipments is provided to the customer's staff so that proper usage and working can be done at the site.