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We Buy and Sell all kinds of Metal Scrap

At Eastex Recycling, we are committed to providing our customers with the most competitive prices in the area. If you have any additional inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone.


Ferrous Metals Price per 100 LB

Steel / Tin
Long Iron
Short Iron

Aluminum Price per 1 LB

Aluminum clean
Cast AL Wheels

Brass Price per 1 LB

Yellow Brass
Brass Radiator
Red Brass

Miscellaneous Price per 1 LB

Lead Battery
Electric Motor
Soft Lead

Copper Price per 1 LB

Bare Bright Copper
Copper No 1
Copper No 2
Insulated Wire No 1

Stainless Steel Price per 1 LB

304 Stainless
316 Stainless

NOTICE: The prices listed are for material delivered to the yard and are subject to change without notice due to fluctuating market conditions.

You can depend on Eastex Recycling and Scrap Yard as your one-stop source for customized solutions that deliver bottom-line results

Join hands with Eastex Recycling and Scrap Yard to get the first class recycling services in the town. Different materials are recycled today which in turn aids in preservation of nature, metal is recycled and can be used indefinitely being one of the nature’s finite sources. Recycling reduces wastage of energy and excess water, it lowers levels of carbon emissions and reduces the overall waste.

We are in the business of helping our environment and conserving nature by recycling all metal products including cans, different vehicles, fridges, electronic items, gaming consoles etc. Global warming is becoming a threat for us and by recycling we can reduce it, the emission of carbon in the atmosphere is minimized by recycling and it also frees up the needed land spaces which can be used for productive work.

Eastex Recycling and Scrap Yard has a trained and a professional team who are expert in solving waste management issues and problems of waste disposal. The process is very simple:
The industrial and household metal products like wires, tubes, cables, storage cells, pipes etc which have become obsolete or have reached to their end of life and are to be thrown away are send for recycling instead. This protects nature, saves the environment and reduces the threat for global warming.

Then these waste are gathered from different points and transferred to the scrap metal yards, where there is a prepared facility which sorts, shears, torch-cut and compacts the metal containing waste.

Eastex Recycling and Scrap Yard makes the metal recycling job easy.